The age of "Choose and add to cart" shopping is over

Nowadays, everyone's preference is diverse.

More and more people tend to want to get rare items that are hard to get.

Thanks to the Internet, consumers can search and get most things online.

However, why do they have to browse on hundreds of websites to get what they want?

Why do they have to pay shipping fee for each item?

In fact, I am the one that wants rare items.

For me, basically, the Internet is the tool to "get information" from.

I search the items I want. After that, all what matter is from where I get them for how much.

But I always end up buying them from multiple online shops.

As a result, I waste my precious time and money on shipping fees. Buying this item from Germany and another from France... on and on.

I got fed up with it. Besides, due to lack of my language skills, I couldn't do a search in local languages. Online translator is useless.

Even after such a pain, I'm still happy to have those items, but I have always wished I could get everything from one place.

Auction? Yes, I have tried it many times. But often I couldn't find MY THING there! Or, when I have found it, the auction is already over.

Second hand/used shops? Indeed useful to look for items at, but most used/online shops don't ship internationally, and there is no guarantee that I can get the items from there.

The list of my frustration is endless.

This is why I decided to open up this shop, shall I say, service.

So, if you feel the same, please use us. We look forward to serving you ^^